Dear customers, due to the increasing cases of fraud, we ask you to CAREFULLY check the address of the Bitcoin wallet in the application to which you are withdrawing funds. viruses on your computer can rеplace it and we strongly ask you not to indicate the addresses of Brokerage Offices, but to purchase assets only on your personal wallets!

    Assets — any electronic currencies, fiat non-cash and cash national currencies, cryptocurrencies and tokens;

    Exchange service (Service) — software hosted on the Internet for the exchange of Assets;

    Exchange — transfer of Assets between the accounts of the Service and the User; User — any person who used the services of the Service, sent Assets to the accounts of the Service intentionally to perform the Exchange or mistakenly;

    Application — the client’s desire to exchange Assets, executed electronically through user interfaces on the Service’s websites;

    Timeout — the time allotted to the User to transfer Assets to the Service’s accounts to perform the Exchange;

    Unaccounted funds — Assets credited to the Service’s accounts without making an Application on the Service’s websites or Assets credited to the Service’s accounts in excess of the amounts specified in the Application;

    Refund — actions of the Service to transfer Assets or Unaccounted funds from Service accounts to User accounts;

    Refund — the actions of the Service to cancel the Exchange in order to Return.

    1. The developed policy describes the actions and inactions of the Service for the Return of Assets to Users, as well as the fees provided by the Service for processing Refunds. This policy is an integral part of the Rules for the provision of services of the Service;

    2. The refund can only be made for an amount not exceeding the amount of the Asset sent by the User to the accounts of the Service for Exchange;

    3. A request for a refund can be submitted by the client ONLY from the mail from which the application was made;

    4. The Service commission for performing the Refund is deducted from the amount of the Asset returned to the user;

    5. Responsibilities of the Service:

    The Service undertakes to return the Assets that were sent by the User to the Service accounts only if the Exchange did not take place. The User has not received Assets from the Service to their accounts;

    6. The Service has the right to:

    6.1. Not to return Assets until the User requests a Refund. Any actions of the Service to Return Assets in accordance with the current policy begin after the User contacts support. This means that without the User’s request, the Service is inactive in relation to the Return;

    6.2. Not to reimburse the User for the commission of payment systems when returning;

    6.3. Charge a commission for the Return of Unaccounted Funds specified in clause #8

    6.4. To charge a commission for the Refund specified in clause #8 in case it is impossible to perform an Exchange for reasons beyond the control of the Service, in particular when:

    The Service is unable to complete the Exchange for a blocked or limited User account;
    The Service cannot complete the Exchange based on an Application made by the User in violation of the rules;

    6.5. Charge a Refund fee specified in clause #8 for Applications canceled by Timeout. The User has sent Assets to the Service accounts after the cancellation of the Application and requires a Refund;

    6.6. In accordance with clause 7.2 of this Policy, do not pay additional commissions to the User;

    7. Special conditions:

    7.1. The Service stores the User’s Assets to be returned free of charge;

    7.2. The Service does not dispose of the User’s Assets subject to Return in commercial interests, does not extract investment or any other profit from such Assets in any way;

    To make a Refund, the User must independently take care of the return of the mistakenly transferred Asset to the Service account, agree with the account holder or the payment systеm about the refund.

    The Service starts processing the user’s Refund under the conditions described in the current policy and only after receiving the full amount of the mistakenly transferred Asset.

    For the Return of Assets, the Service withholds the commission specified in clause #8 of the policy;

    8. Commissions:

    8.1. For Refunds provided by the policy, the Service withholds a commission in accordance with the tariffs (taking into account the PS commissions):

    UAH banks 1%+5 UAH.
    Cryptocurrencies at the exchange rate*
    *Attention! There are special rules for refunds in cryptocurrency! We fix all incoming payments to us on applications in USDT on cryptocurrency exchanges, and if it is impossible to conduct an exchange, you can request a refund in the USDT currency that you received when selling (regardless of which way the exchange rate changed), minus 3% + a fixed commission for withdrawal from the exchange.